Services Design -

Custom shapes and sizes designed by yourself, your designer, your architecht, your contractor or our company seaview aquariums and our staff of interior aquarium designers. Any size any shape acrylic, fiberglass or glass from 50 gallons to 50,000 gallons. Please call and ask questions regarding design and realize if you can dream it we can build it.

Maintenance -

Our maintenance services include fish health analysis, water testing, water and filter changes, algae wipe, cleaning of the core, cleaning of outside of the aquarium and cabinet and regular checks to insure the normal operation of all the equipment.

Consultation -

At any time you are all welcome to call or email me and ask me any questions you might have about your present or future aquariums. Regular clients often have many questions concerning their new pets and I take great pleasure in providing them with sound professional advice.

Sales -

Seaview Aquariums will provide you with all your needs from aquariums, filters and equipment to fish, inverts, corals and even live rock and live sand.

Fish -

We use only hand net caught fish. We will provide you with marine fish, fresh water fish, Koi fish and fancy goldfish. 

Corals -

Seaview aquariums is your one stop shop for the best in live coral, live rock and live sand. We will take the hassle out setting up your coral by being the one stop solution to getting it all done.

Invertebrates -

Every variety of exotic starfish is available - just pick your favorite.

Every type of equipment is available for purchase such as pumps, skimmers, UV's, cannister filters, heaters, lighting,chillers, controllers, fluidized sand filters, refugiums, wet dry filters, Euro filters

Upgrades -

At any point if you feel that your aquarium isn't running up to speed Seaview Aquariums will be happy to recommend specific upgrades to improve the vitality of your fish and your systems operation.  

Repair -

Repair is a necessary part of an aquariums lifespan. Equipment does not last forever and you will need speedy repair. We specialize in diagnosis and our knowledge will be an asset to your investment in an aquarium. 

Conversions -

Fresh water to Salt water

Salt water to Reef aquarium

Salt water to Fresh water

Relocation -

If your moving Seaview Aquariums can assist you in relocating to your new home or office without any fuss or bother on your part. Your pets will be in safe hands as we are experts in moving aqauriums and transporting livestock.

Trade ins -

Trade your old aquarium in for a new one and receive credit towards your new purchase.




Custom 500-gallon aquarium, designed for DreamWorks Animation Studios




Proper framing and support is critical. We can guide you in the planning stages and during your build-out.




There's always the option of using wood framing. However, when using tubular steel, you can save space and money.




Sea View Aquariums has provided many fountains and koi ponds to its A-List Clientele




Our staff are enthusiastic, professional, and always willing to educate our clients




A level ground, a floor drain, and electrical must be provided before our staff can install your personal creation









Water purification and housing units can be built into your system, allowing for fast and easy water changes




We recommend weekly or bi-monthly service to maintain the health of your aquarium's inhabitants




If you don't have a carpenter, we can provide you with the best in your area




John Jones, our filtration and service specialist,
has been with our company for two decades





In the case that you're painting or fumigating your home, Sea View Aquariums will dismantle, cover and protect your aquarium




We will always accomodate your building schedule, and provide prompt and fast installation




We like using faux coral, because it's durable, colorful, and environmentally friendly





We stock all sizes and shapes, and if your existing aquarium needs a face lift,
one of our aquarium partitions will be happy to beautify your aquarium




We're a one-stop company. We provide installation, service, supplies, and live stock




All our installations are neat, tidy and organized




We are able to manufacture all sizes and shapes, and can help you with design ideas




Our technicians are available, 24 hours a day, to accomodate your schedule




If you can dream it, we can build it!




Some aquariums are able to be built in a few weeks, some require 3 months




Custom lighting systems are available to suit your aquarium's environmental needs





Our vans are fully equipped with all the necessary tools, equipment and supplies




We can sometimes provide same-day service, because we have a 7 member staff



The team at Sea View is always ready to upgrade your existing system, to make it run more efficiently. Call us if you're having trouble.




Reef aquariums and living coral require special care. Sea View Aquariums expert staff can maintain your private piece of the reef.




If you're moving, Sea View Aquariums can provide fast and efficient transport to your new location




The staff at Sea View Aquariums can diagnose the health of your fish, and medicate them when necessary




Special care is always taken to ensure optimum cleanliness and minimum mess




Sea View Aquariums has its own on-staff marine biologist




Special care is always taken in cleaning your faux reef insert, maintaining its brilliant appearance





Monthly water changes of 25-50% are recommended to ensure crystal-clear water




Aquariums make the perfect gift for any holiday. Call and order yours now!