Flat wall inserts make a perfect backdrop when there's a lack of space




In systems where there are no fish, faux corals make a striking and beautiful display




You can choose, with our design staff, a color scheme to your liking




Sometimes our inserts look so real, you can't tell they're artificial



In cylinders such as this, the coral insert provides an endless source of entertainment for you and the fish to enjoy




Another example of a faux coral masterpiece




We incorporate, in additional to corals, sponges, plants, clams, and seaweed




Faux coral aquariums are much easier to maintain than living coral, and much easier to clean than dead skeleton coral




In an aquarium of this size, nothing would compare to the brilliance and color of this reef insert




Used to conceal the filtration within this custom aquarium,
this insert serves a dual purpose




We can mimic many different ocean themes, with various colors, shapes and sizes of faux coral




Our inserts can last the entire lifetime of your aquarium




Our aquascape coral structures are state-of-the-art




We fabricate custom creations for your undersea world




Regardless of the shape of the aquarium, we can design a reef to accomodate it




Each sculpture is hand-crafted by one of our artisans





The shape and form of each sculpture is always different and unique




We replicate our corals from genuine species




Our faux reefs are constructed by hand in full detail by
a team of artists, designers, and fabricators