This 900 gallon tri-species custom aquarium is the focal point of this waiting area.




We can suspend your aquarium from the ceiling,
creating a dramatic one-of-a-kind aquarium.





Educational and school facilities are a perfect place to provide liquid art



We can build an arch aquarium in your home or business, in most doorways and rooms



A dental office is the perfect location for a custom aquarium, providing soothing relaxation for your patients



Custom lighting is available to set different moods



Opposite view of aquarium providing patients in the waiting room hours of entertainment

Recent Projects

About Seaview Aquariums

Los Angeles and Orange Countys Premiere Custom Aquarium Design Aquarium Company.

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With over 30 years as an enthusiastic hobbyist including 15 years of quality professional experience specializing in marine aquariums, Seaview Aquariums has become a name you can trust and rely on. Based in Santa Monica and Orange County since 1988, I have been in business as owner and operator of Seaview Aquariums and look forward to serving you !

The Exotic, mysterious ocean floor is home to some of the most incredible beauty to be found in all of nature.

Seaview Aquariums will help you choose from a wide variety of state-of-the-art aqauriums and finely crafted cabinetry and enclosures -  available in all shapes, sizes, furniture materials and fine finishes.


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A custom reef aquarium in a Beverly Hills fertility specialist's office



Children's playrooms are another great location to keep your children occupied while learning about the wonders of nature





Custom in-wall salt-water aquarium divides this pair of Orange County offices




Various facades can accent with custom metal finishes and backlighting ---
any custom aquarium




500 gallon custom salt-water aquarium in Hollywood Hills home




This aquarium has a remote filtration system, 100 feet away, allowing for a completely silent running piece of liquid art





The boss's office, at Starbucks corporate, houses this unique 900 gallon custom salt-water aquarium





These photos indicate the dramatic difference of using a faux reef aquarium insert


All our systems incorporate state-of-the-art filtration methods, assuring crystal-clear viewing and optimum fish health