Custom woodwork is available for all custom aquariums. We can provide you expert craftsmen, or we can work with your existing designer, contractor and carpenter.




Hotel lobbies and waiting areas are perfect places to display the spectacular shaped custom aquarium of your design.



Retail chains and stores are eligible for quantity discounts which, in turn, is a perfect way to entertain customers so that they enjoy an exciting and entertaining shopping experience.



This custom cylinder aquarium has remote filtration, a faux reef, and is a silent running piece of aquarium art, and contains 800 gallons of water.



This dual sided custom aquarium, located in a luxury condominium lobby, is a former fountain waterfall converted into living art.



A dentist's office displays a one-of-a-kind arched custom aquarium, and is the focal point of this state-of-the-art facility.



A patient's view of this 900 gallon custom designed aquarium



A beautiful one-of-a-kind centerpiece, custom designed aquarium, combining a modern shape in combination with custom space-saving furniture



A 3000 gallon custom designed cylinder aquarium, with remote filtration, providing hours of entertainment and intrigue to passersby in this airport



350 gallon custom aquarium, in restaurant bar



3000 gallon beautiful two-sided viewable, double-bow, custom aquarium is located in the lobby of a luxury hotel


400 gallon custom aquarium, located in a public library, is a unique learning tool to teach adults and children about the fascinating undersea underworld



Unique creatures, such as this Pacific Ocean octupus, are available in addition to jellyfish, sharks, cuttlefish in your custom aquarium, provided by Sea View Aquariums, the industry's leader in specialty species aquaria



Public aquariums, such as this one, can be provided in your area. Sea View Aquariums builds custom aquariums worldwide, and have done so for the past 30 years.



The Four Seasons, in Westlake Village, CA called Sea View Aquariums when they wanted this 2100 gallon custom aquarium built into their lobby, viewable from their restaurant, in their newest facility, which is a wellness center. This is just one of the jewels in Sea View Aquariums array of living art that we have provided to the world.



AA custom faux reef was built in order to provide a stunning colorful habitat, to preserve the natural reefs of the ocean, as we prefer to build a custom reef to your liking within our custom aquarium designs



Here's the stunning view from the bar, of this 2100 gallon custom aquarium in this five-star restaurant



A dual-sided custom aquarium is the perfect way to get twice the tank for your dollar



This Reception Desk custom aquarium is 600 gallons, and can be manufactured to your size and specifications. Contact us with your design ideas and plans, and we will assist you with our professional team of experts.



This awesome custom aquarium is located in the bar level of a casino.This custom aquarium is 13 feet in diameter by 13 feet tall, and holds well over 14,000 gallons of salt water.





This custom 500 gallon jellyfish aquarium holds moon jellyfish, which are fascinating, beautiful and available from Sea View Aquariums, the leader in custom jellyfish aquariums worldwide



This 300 gallon, space-saving, picture-framed custom aquarium is a focal point in this living room and can be built into the walls in any home or office




This one-of-a-kind 1800 gallon custom river habitat aquarium is an interactive exhibit that observers get to see first-hand the true behavior of native species of fish



Waterfalls and open top commercial exhibits are available just a phone call away Call us at 310-395-4396 or email us at seaviewaquariums@yahoo.com.



This 30,000 gallon commercial custom aquarium can be built within 6 months of ordering. Send us your design specs.



Restaurants that have aquariums not only improve the ambience aesthetically, but soothe and calm the patrons of your establishment



This 360 gallon custom aquarium was provided to La Mer and is a spectacular backdrop to their quality products





This multi-view room dividing commercial office custom aquarium provides privacy and spectacular living art for this business owner, with over 5000 gallons of salt water glory



Another example of a converted lobby fountain into a gorgeous salt-water masterpiece



Custom remote filtration is available hundreds of feet away in order to house state-of-the-art equipment for your own personal piece of the world's oceans



This 400 gallon cylinder aquarium can be placed anywhere in your home or office. It accents and adds beauty to any of your facilities.



This 400 gallon custom aquarium houses fish from the Amazon river and African rivers







Fantastic and unique custom aquarium designs are available. No job is too big or too small. Email us all your info and we can make your aquarium dreams come true.




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