We can build, with your designer and architect, custom aquariums which will accent any room, such as this wine cellar




This country club and restaurant requested a tabletop aquarium. Sea View Aquariums has provided many such as this one.



Commercial size aquariums incorporate reinforced steel stands to accomodate large volumes of water and the weight that comes with them



Any room can benefit from having the mysterious ocean world contained in
a Sea View Aquarium





Cylinders in all sizes are available for your very own creation





The magical undersea world awaits you --- call for a free quote!





One of our personal favorites, this custom aquarium houses 50 species of fish





Our faux reefs mimic nature, and are environmentally friendly





This unique Art Deco design accents this amazing custom aquarium





We build custom aquariums that will amaze your friends and family





What's more interesting to watch in this living room?





Another example of incorporating an aquarium into an entertainment center





Adding an aquarium to your bar area provides an incredible conversation piece





Impress your friends. Call us with us with your design ideas, and you too, can have
an aquarium all will envy.








There are no height restrictions, however, in most homes, we like to build our aquariums no taller than 6 feet








Multi-species aquariums can be divided between faux, live reef, and fish-only systems





Our faux reef inserts are colorful, realistic, and durable




Sometimes our creations are out of the ordinary. Send us your ideas.





Entertaining guests will never be the same with custom aquariums such as these





We will work with your contractor during the planning stages of construction, assuring speedy delivery and installation of your aquatic masterpiece





Placing an aquarium in the proper location allows for viewing from many perspectives





For a dramatic effect, arch aquariums can mesmerize all who
walk through and view them






This restaurant chose to divide a 1000 gallon custom aquarium
to separate various species






vVvvVerizon corporate office 500 gallon custom





Beverly Wilshire residence custom 400 gallon aquarium designed by David Asch



Close-up shot of Wolfgang Puck's custom in-laid tiled framed aquarium



400 Gallon aquarium custom built entryway and conference room divider



300 Gallon custom aquarium vertical rectangle



750 Gallon custom marine aquarium elongated oval shape with mahogany finish


Day one at the Malibu site - Fred and Steve sizing up the project



Fred busy remodeling the future location of the aquarium



Steve removes the existing plumbing of the wet bar, the sink and counter


The final custom aquarium design will be a huge improvement to what was once a simple
wet bar




Fred welded this two inch tubular steel stand 42 inches tall to raise and support the aquarium which will weigh 3000 pounds




Fred and Steve install the steel stand and prepare for the installation of the aquarium



Application of the plywood will later be covered with drywall and painted



Steve gets ready for his next finish of drywall


Tamara of " Boxwood Design", calls in for the paint crew - this project is almost a wrap



Another fine custom installed marine aquarium by Seaview Aquariums Design and Service



Day one - Seaview Aquariums arrives in a private community in Brentwood



This unique shape will be no challenge for the staff of Seaview Aquariums



View from bottom of staircase of future 250 gallon room dividing concave face aquarium



Initial stages of construction consists of outlining and framing the stand which will support the weight of the aquarium



View from bottom floor of future 250 gallon room dividing concave faced custom aquarium



Framing stages completed - soon the custom aquarium will arrive and be installed, using a crane to lift it through the gym window because of its size and shape



Joe finishes the framing so Seaview Aquariums can come in and begin



Charlie, our plumbing specialist, sits in between the wall connecting the 1 and 1.5 inch PVC lines that interlink the first floor filter room to the top of the aquarium located 29 feet above



Custom concave room dividing reef aquarium



Opposive view of the Custom concave room dividing reef aquarium



Up close view of the custom concave room dividing reef aquarium



This unique location will divide a sound stage and the adjacent waiting room



Work in progress halfway towards completion at 204 Studios



204 Studios - 200 gallon custom aquarium final result



200 gallon Custom aquarium built in wall in Malibu



custom cabine
Fine custom cabinetry is always available



Custom designed artificial reef sculpture, with steel stand and high tech filtration



600 gallon custom designed aquarium in a bar in Hollywood



500 gallon custom designed reef aquarium... The perfect view for your bar!

beverly hills los angeles california



300 gallon custom aquarium with artifical reef



2000 Gallon custom designed shark aquarium

santa monica



Space saving in wall custom aquariums are our specialty

marina del rey



Fantastic shapes in all sizes are available, such as this Lazy-L